La Alpaca is a Finnish clothing brand established in 2002. La Alpaca offers high-quality products made from alpaca wool, intended for women, men and children alike. The fresh and timeless design of this brand highlights the characteristics of this luxurious fibre that is one of the finest in the world. La Alpaca’s product range is sold around Finland, as well as in several European countries among others Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.


The alpaca is a beautiful camelid that lives in the South American Andes at elevations of up to 5000 meters. The harsh weather conditions in the Andes have caused the alpaca to develop one of world’s finest wools. The extremely soft and thick wool protects the alpaca effectively from the extreme weather in the mountains. During a single day, the weather in the mountains can fluctuate from searing sunshine to snow and rain with subzero temperatures. A specialty of the 30-centimeter-long hairs of this fine wool is that they contain small air pockets that give the wool particularly good insulating qualities.

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Alpaca wool is easy to clean. To stay in good shape, a product made out of alpaca wool must be allowed to „rest”, and it should be aired frequently. Dirt comes off easily from alpaca wool and it should be washed gently. Knitwear made out of alpaca wool is washed in ample water and dried flat. Products made out of alpaca fabric are dry cleaned. Alpaca wool does not tolerate tumble drying. An alpaca garment can be gently steamed after it is dry.

Suri alpaca

The rarer of the two alpaca breeds is the Suri alpaca. Suri alpaca hairs are long, wavy, light, and glistening. The wool from a Suri alpaca is particularly lustrous and long-fibred.

Huayaca Alpaca / Baby Alpaca

There are two kinds of alpacas. The more common one is the Huayaca alpaca. The wool of an Huayaca alpaca is soft, light, curly and ample. Baby alpaca comes from the first shearing of a young Huayaca alpaca. Baby alpaca is especially fine, soft, and light.

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